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How Did It All Start?

A Classic Matter

My Doctor Who life started about a year before the revived series broadcast. I used to watch classic series episodes on Sunday mornings on UKTV Gold. I only watched these because I had nothing else to watch, and I suppose, back then, they were a bit of fun! I had no real obsession at all at this stage. I barely knew the programme I was watching was called… Hang on, what is it? I think I got a little bored with it, as I didn’t watch it for a while before the new series.

A French First Series...
Back then, I didn't look at the internet much or anything, so I didn't know that it was coming back, and mainly, if was to be any good. I heard information, and the Radio Times gave a fantastic guide to the new series, and so, on 26th March 2005, I sat down on the sofa, and was transported through time and space... I was enjoying it quite a lot at this stage, but this was nothing compared to what I was to be like in a couple of years! I first bought a DVD of Series 1, from WHSmith, when I saw it by chance. At this stage I hadn't got a clue when the DVDs were coming out, or what the covers were going to be at all! And then, on Saturdays, my Dad and I usually went to Sainsbury's to do the weekly shopping, and every now and again I saw a volume of Series 1. Luckily my Dad was kind enough, and bought the DVDs when I asked, so I could watch them all over again, and relive the series! I haven't yet bought the Series 1 box-set, but have got all the vanilla discs and, strangely enough, the whole set in French!!! I thought it would make French revision a little bit less tense.

A New New Doctor
After the suprising finale of last series, I didn't know if the Christmas Special and the next series would live up to my expectations. I thought, in Series 1, Christopher Eccleston was MY Doctor, and it was so sad, as I wasn't expecting it! I think I found in The Christmas Invasion that David Tennant acted a bit silly, so I didn't throughly like him. But as the new series was drawing closer, I was getting more excited, and finally it was on, and David Tennant was much better than my first observations. By this time, I still didn't look on the internet for information and news, the Radio Times was my source! I was really excited that the Daleks were going to be battling the Cybermen at the end of the series, but also sad when Rose ended up in the parallel world, never going to see the Doctor again (well, wait to series 4!). I was very suprised when some random Bride ended up in the Tardis at the end of the episode. I didn't even realise that it was Catherine Tate! For the DVDs, I did, at this stage, look on the official BBC website for the covers, so I knew what they were going to be like. And, I also bought them on the day they came out. Later that year, I started to buy Doctor Who Magazine, which is a fantastic magazine! Plus, Doctor Who Adventures, all the way from issue one, not long before Series 2 started.

It's getting bigger!
By the time the third series hit our screens, forgetting the loud-mouthed Bride, my obsession was growing at a rapid pace. I was so excited by it! Much, much more than the previous two series! As most people at my school didn't like Doctor Who, I needed some people to talk to! I couldn't just live in my own world, so I searched the internet for something, so I could talk/chat to fellow Whovians. I found Doctor Who Online. I set up my account in the forums, as vassilator, and started to discuss various topics in and around the subject of Who. This was just what I needed! Flash Forward: In the next year, during the fourth series I talked a lot more, and even became a site patron! But sadly, now, I don't post or view the forums much anymore. Back to the start of 2007... At this stage, I had not found any blog sites or anything, but used Doctor Who Online and other sites to find out news. Is it me, or do they now not put news up much anymore? Anyway, so I always looked for most news, including the day the third series started, which was really exciting. So, the third series kicked off with Smith and Jones, which was one of the best episodes of all time, or so I thought at the time. I thought this series was amazing, and definitely much better than the previous two. I cried for the first time watching the show at the end of The Family of Blood. I know, but it was emotional!!! I'm really annoyed, as everyone really likes Blink, and they think it's their best episode, but, on the day it was first broadcast, I wasn't in the mood for Who (Ooo, that rhymes!). Do you ever get those times? I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have done, which is annoying, and it has stuck with me all this time. That's why I can't enjoy it as much, even now! I do still really like it though, but I think I could have liked it more. And, the series finale... One word... WOW! I bought all DVDs, on the day, even the box-set!

Speculation and Rumours
I was so annoyed with Voyage of the Damned. It could have been so much better. The Titanic in space. That's a great idea, but the story could have had a good twist around it. And as for Max Capricorn... You can read more about why I started atts in the section, 'why?', but here it is in brief. I was really, I mean REALLY into Doctor Who by this stage (and it's still growing!). I went on loads of sites, including Doctor Who Online again for news, and a few blog sites, including Tardis and Torchwood Treasures. I was 'mega-excited' about Series 4, and there was loads of speculation and rumours going around, including Davros appearing in the finale (Well, it's true now!). I was inspired by other blog sites, and I wondered how easy it is to make one. So I went ahead, and here we are now...
To read on, about why I did the site, click here.

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