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The Second Design

The Start
At the start of July 2008, I had just come back from my holiday, and I just couldn't face surviving with what I had then. I thought, nah, it'll be ok, I'll just keep going. I tried to change the design to another basic template, but they all looked awful, so I searched for different templates on Google. And... I saw this one. It looked a bit different from what it looks like now, because I changed it slightly. I fell in love with the design when I saw it, and decided I must have it. So I thought over how I was going to do it. My computer was broken the day I changed it, so I used a Windows, which was rally great because I could download the template and then upload it to the site. Unfortunately when I did upload it, all my widgets were deleted. At least this gave me the chance of a fresh start! Since the new layout was put on, all titles in the sidebar have been in the lower case, including the title.

News Posts
When I first had the layout I still copied posts for 'reference', but I thought; this site is so much better now. I shouldn't just do that. Every other site does it, so I should write them all myself. So, I did, and it's working well!

At first, there were no pages, but then in August, I started on Doctor Who episode guides, then Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It just went from there. There are so many things you can find links to under the banner, from character files and magazines to site looks, about, competitions, guestbook, a page devoted to links, loads of information and pages off other pages. So I hope you all get the chance to look at them! I think having the links under the banner looks really good, compared with them in the normal sidebar. It makes it easier to see.

I've worked a lot harder on the banners for this layout, as the site deserves it. I still use Word funnily enough. Before the one uploaded on 28th September 2008, I had the Doctor Who logo black and white and transparent, which gave a brilliant feel, and I still love it!

Fonts and Colours
At the end of August I changed most of the fonts and colours. All the fonts are Arial, and the colour scheme in the sidebar is blue and orange, with the welcome in green.

In the last couple of months, the number of visitors has soared tremendously! Now gaining an average of 130 unique visitors a day, rather than the like 2 when I started, and 6 in May. It keeps going up as well! Thank you to everyone visiting!

The layout is fantastic, I love it, and it will stay for at least another year! Nothing bad about it really.

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