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These are the reviews for the site made by other people on different sites. Thanks so much to these people for their time!

No.3 - Thanks to Blogger Woman from The Bad Wolf TV
Name: Adventures Through Time And Space
Run by: Adv (Alex)
URL: http://adventuresthroughtimeandspace.blogspot.com

The admin gets to talk to the other visitors quite often as there is a Cbox on the homepage. Everyone can leave a comment when they please, and I must say I am quite impressed with the number of times you catch the owner on there talking to other visitors.

The layout of this website is extremely neat and organised. When you look through this website you know straight away what's what.

Spelling and Grammar
Through all my time looking at ATTS, I have not found one single mistake! They get a 10 for spelling and grammar!

As well a putting 100% effort into the site, they also find the time to review other sites and create DW, TW and SJA episode guides and lots more!

There are always updates on there when they are needed/wanted. It is all very detailed and they are extremely good at wording it in a way both kids and adults will understand.

I think this is a brilliant site with lots of information and pictures, with a wide range of things to see and do!

Key Suggestions
Maybe you might consider putting a bit more on the sidebar so the end of the sidebar kind of ends in the same place as the posts?

9.5/10 (Exceptionally good)

atts banner 16
No.2 - Thanks to Kyle from Doctor Who Mad Online

Visit It; Adventures Through Time and Space
Doctor Who Mad Online Rating; 5 Star

Join Doctor Who Mad Online on an adventure through time and space as we review Adventures Through Time and Space. Adventures Through Time and Space was opened in April 2008, one month earlier than Doctor Who Mad Online and is run by Alex. Adventures Through Time and Space receives similar hits to Doctor Who Mad Online and many viewers a day.

Posts; Adventures Through Time and Space is a 'fantastic' site for the latest news and gossip surrounding Doctor Who and it's spin offs. Alex is very keen and determined with his work and posts the latest posts the exact day it is released. The news is always up to date and exclusive to Adventures Through Time and Space pieces of news are occasionally posted.

Pages; Adventures Through Time and Space has added so many pages to his site you would never believe it. Alex has worked exceptionally hard at opening his site pages and has succeeded in grabbing his audiences attention. From episode guides to competitions and from character files to spacestation files. Adventures Through Time and Space has it all.

The Banner; Alex has recently added a banner featuring two screenshots of the second series of the Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as the TARDIS. The banner is up to especially celebrate the return of the Sarah Jane Adventures. I always feel that the quality of a site banner distinguishes whether you should continue scrolling and Adventures Through Time and Space keeps me scrolling down.

The Chat Box; The Chat Box is always active and in use throughout the day, every day. People chatting on their thoughts of the site and about Doctor Who. But every chat box has it's ups and downs with people swearing and posting in polite comments and Adventures Through Time and Space is no exception.

atts banner 16
No.1 - Thanks to Bex from The-OncomingStorm

Site Name: http://adventuresthroughtimeandspace.blogspot.com/
Theme: Doctor Who, Torchwood, SJA


The site owner is very kind and always welcomes people to the site in the C Box This is clear because he replies to every message left in a kind and encouraging way which makes the visitors want to return to talk. The owner's personality makes it addictive to talk on the site and the kindness shown is very clear.

The news posts and pages all include accurate spelling and use good English grammar. This makes the site easy to read and therefore attracts plenty of visitors! It is very hard to look through the site and find a mistake; so much time and effort is put into making everything accurate, which is definitely worthwhile and professional.

The pages available on this site are certainly a highlight. There is a wide variety for the visitors to view from the interesting Site Looks to the factual Episode Guides. The pages are definitely a cause to stay on this site for hours. There are a total of 21 site pages and each are of a high standard with colours, pictures and plenty of information.

News Posts
The news posts on this site are definitely a highlight. With 2 or 3 posts a day, the site is always up to date with the latest news. It's clear the owner puts lots of work into finding the news and typing it up in original words, rather than just copying and pasting. The posts are well formed with suitable pictures and information and they are always reliable.

The layout of this site is very convenient as it makes everything easy to access and view. The pages are displayed across the top of the page making them clear to see, and the sidebar is packed full of interesting information and various other things. The site banner is very professional looking and adds colour to the website. It is very interesting to look at and explore, especially the Information part of the sidebar.

The C-Box is well moderated so that visitors do not have to see foul language or insults. The owner is welcoming and always talks kindly to visitors. This always make me want to return and talk even more and to see what sort of things everyone has been saying.

This site is a must visit if you love Doctor Who and its spin-offs. It is definitely one of the best on the internet; it's professional, well organised and friendly - what more could you ask for?


- I genuinally can not think of any!

TOCS Rating
5/5 = Perfect!

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