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The First Design


Extra: You can visit the old site design here!

The Start
I started off with this first design, which was all just mainly black, with not much colour, apart from the logo. I chose this design because I thought, at the time, that it was the best template of the ones avaliable. I didn't know then you were able to get different ones from around the internet. I still hate this layout, and I'm sure you'll agree with me saying that the new one is a LOT better!

News Posts
When I first started, and throughout the duration of this layout, I didn't write posts myself. That wasn't to say that I was lazy, I just wanted the site to be like that. Not written in all my own words, but just to give you as much information as I could. It was sort of a reference site if you like. Nothing too special I suppose.

This didn't have any pages until about June, where they were also reference stuff, which wasn't very interesting! All pages were just old posts, not other site addresses.

Most banners weren't that brilliant. It was just a normal promotional picture, with half the Doctor Who logo, sometimes a different colour, with the title over it. You can view all banners in the site looks link in the sidebar.

Fonts and Colours
I didn't change the font at all for all the time I had this layout, but I changed the colour of the post titles slightly nearer June to orange, from a horrible green.

At first the site didn't have many visitors, mainly because nobody really knew about it. I was knew to this stuff, so I didn't want to ask for a link on another site or anything. I didn't publicise at all!

The layout was very boring, but it fulfilled its purpose for a while. I liked the layout at first, because I didn't know many others, but in July I just knew I had to change. I mean, completely change... 

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