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The pages of adventures through time and space is the real highlight the the site! Apart from the homepage, which has the latest news and other stuff, there is so much more on the site to look at. Even this page!
I decided to do pages, so the site became bigger. And it definitely has. I started the episode guides in the summer and now there are so many more things you can find links to under the banner, from character files and magazines to site looks, about, competitions, guestbook, a page devoted to links, loads of information and pages off other pages. So I hope you all get the chance to look at them! I think having the links under the banner looks really good, compared with them in the normal sidebar. It makes it easier to see.
If you would like to see more pages, then email me with what you'd like to see.

Coming at Christmas are the site reviews, character files, more on the classic series, more pictures and competitions.

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