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Why and How

The Making
In early April 2008, I had found other blog sites, and I wondered how easy it is to make one. I had a look around at Blogger, and I thought, why not! I didn't care if my new news site wasn't going to be great. This was a milestone in my life. I'd never had a website before this. 

The Name
It took me through the first step. Username. Right, lets go original with my surname. vassilator. Ok, email address and stuff, next page. Ah. Blog Title. Oh. I thought for ages what to call it. I couldn't think of anything else, so I went for the very original, Adventures Through Time and Space. It was too long, and so common, but I still like it. It just seems to stand out well. I also had a little worry whether to make it in time and space, or through time and space. I worked it out in my head. If you're travelling in a Tardis, then you can't be in time, but you are going through it. So, there. Sorted. Choose layout. Ooo, let's have a boring black! This stayed for months!

The Banner
I can't use any fancy photo editing suite programmes, so I use Word to do all my banners. But not the first one! At the time of starting the site, I didn't know how to a screen capture, so I could take pictures of the Word document, so I just used a Doctor and Donna promotional picture, with a standard Blogger text logo. This was an awful banner, but oh well. Later on, I used screen capture, because I found out how to do it. You can view all the banners using the 'site looks' link in the sidebar.

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